Environmental Mission

As a private, family-owned company…

As a private, family-owned company, Atlantic Recycling Group is dedicated to meeting or exceeding all local, state and federal environmental regulations. We are continuously redefining our metal recycling processes to make the most of the metal we recycle, decreasing the amount of useable metal being dumped at local landfills.

  • In 2012 alone, ARG recycled over 250,000 tons of recycled material, including metal, paper, plastic, wood, and electronics.
  • ARG invests heavily in infrastructure to minimize our impact on the environment and optimizing metal recycling process to ensure each one is as effective as possible. Over the years, we have invested over $20 million in environmental control materials and technologies.
  • ARG companies monitor our own environmental impact daily to reduce our energy usage, storm water runoff and air emissions.

At ARG, we are grateful for having the opportunity to help make our community environments safe and clean not only for today, but for the future. Responsible businesses and agencies partner with us for their recycling needs because of our proven track record and commitment to recycling in an environmentally responsible manner.