At ARG, we design and tailor our products, services, and recycling processes to effectively meet the needs of our customers and consumers. The Atlantic Recycling companies have over 160 years of combined experience incorporated in its’ foundation, making us a confident and innovative metal recycling industry leader providing high quality products from the East coast region.

We Buy and Sell it All

When it comes to metal recycling and creating quality products, ARG has the experience and innovative processes to get any job done right. We’ve recycled, shipped, transported, or bought all types and sizes of metal out there. Take a look at what we offer our consumers for both Nonferrous and Ferrous metals:

Nonferrous Metals: We can recycle all types and grades of nonferrous metals and also have ISRI nonferrous metals of any specification available for purchase.

Ferrous Metals: We specialize in recycling metal all ISRI sizes and specifications.

ARG has a long history in providing quality metal products while working and partnering with consumers of all specialties.

Transporting Metal Your Way

Domestic: For over half a century, we have gained experience in utilizing rail, barge, and truck services for transporting, pick-up, and delivering metal for our consumers.

Export: As one of the first companies in the East Region to be able to export large quantities of ferrous metal by container, our effective container titling machines make the loading process quick and easy. We have years of experience in working with metal brokers and exporters shipping out of the Port of Baltimore.

  • BULK CARGO—Through a partnership in Key Export Enterprises, ARG companies can ship via bulk cargo to destinations around the world from the Port of Baltimore. Using a unique, just-in-time loading process, we comply with Baltimore’s prohibition on scrap storage at the pier, while offering consumers the opportunity to purchase material from the mid-atlantic region.

Contact David Caffee at for all consumer inquiries.